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My philosophy makes me who I am, and it will guide me throughout my teaching career. I will serve the gods of knowledge, technology, morality, and diversity in order to ensure the best possible learning environment for my students. I will offer an education to anyone regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, or handicap in order to ensure the ideals and expectations of a public school. This is my philosophy, and although others will share commonalities with mine, mine will be unique to me.

As a teacher I want to be knowledgeable in my content area. It is my duty to remain up to date on anything dealing with my content in order to ensure the best education for my students. By staying up to date, I can offer facts that my students will be to take on and make better inferences. By staying up to date, new ideas will be formed and theories will be test. I want my students to be able to make the best inferences they can because history is interpretation of the facts. If I don’t stay up to date on emerging discoveries, then my students will not get the best education and their interpretations may be flawed. It is important for me to teach current knowledge so that my students will succeed on any rigorous test that is issued by the state and myself as well.   

            As a teacher, I need to be available to my students. Availability will ensure a healthy and respectable relationship between my students and me. By being available, I can hopefully reduce any anxiety my students will have with their work. Also, I can offer as much help to my students as possible by being available. Availability would consist of arriving early to school, staying after school for at least an hour, being available during my lunch if a student really needs help, and also to offer an email address so that my students can contact me if there is an emergency or if they need help with an assignment. By being available, I will earn my students respect more easily, and I can be a better role model as well. If I were not available, it would be harder for me to gain my students’ respect, my students may suffer high anxiety over work that they don’t understand, and my integrity would be called into question because I am not offer the best education as I can. However, by offering available times to meet and an email address, I hope to keep my students on track, help them in time of duress, and to earn their respect.

            As a teacher I need to fair but strict. By being fair but strict, I hope to offer a good learning environment but also to prepare my students for the world outside. As a teacher it is my duty to help my students prepare for their futures. By offering fairness and being strict when it comes to grade, I hope to offer a more realistic education. To be fair is to allow students a second chance. I will allow students hand in work late, but they must receive the consequences. Unless it was an emergency, students must be held accountable for their actions. This policy must be applied to every student in order to ensure fairness. If I was not fair, then I would support a system of favorites. There would be biases that would exist, and those that could be potentially non favorites would suffer. The favorites would succeed and others would suffer in some way. Then my students would have decreased grades and work ethic. By being fair but strict, I offer an equal learning environment where everyone can succeed. It is very important that each student is offered the chance to succeed.

            As a teacher I must be ever watchful of my student’s progress. I would offer weekly quizzes that are more for my benefit than grades. By offering a weekly quiz, I can find out easily who understands the material and who is struggling. Therefore with my availability, I can work with those who need help so that I can ensure their success in my class. If I didn’t follow my students’ progress, then those that are struggling can fall behind, and ultimately do poorer in my class. This would be unacceptable. Each student deserves my help to get them to a point where they will succeed. Understandably not everyone will get the material; therefore it is my duty to help those that don’t understand to get a better handle of the material. I want my students to succeed, and if it means I have to spend more time with that student, then that is what must be done.

            As a teacher I must be diverse. I have to realize that my students are very diverse from the way they learn, the way they interact, how diverse they are culturally, and how diverse they may be racially. Everyone regardless of their diversity should be given an equal opportunity with a chance for them to be diverse. Projects should be diverse in order to encourage students to apply themselves the way they like to, and to offer more opportunities for success. If a student is better at poetry than essays, then that may become an option. With the weekly quizzes, I can fine tune my teaching style better to meet the diversity of the class. If I was not diverse, then only a select few of my students would be able to succeed and feel comfortable in my class. Others may feel like outcasts if I were not diverse. It is important to have diversity in order to offer an equal learning environment and an equal chance for my students to succeed.

            Another aspect of my philosophy is that I must be technologically savvy, so that I will reach my students the best way that I can. Technology allows a teacher to give and relate information better to my students. If I did not use technology to my advantage, some students may not be reached properly, my availability through email would be hampered, students would not get the best education they could, and technology creates a dependency upon itself, therefor students may feel lost if they are unable to learn through methods they are familiar with. By keeping up to date with technology and using it to the best of my ability, I will offer a more diverse learning environment, better connections with the students to the material, and my availability would be increased. Technology needs to be used in a positive way that ensures a smooth class and the best education that I can offer.

            This is my philosophy, and as time goes on, it will change and become richer as I continue my education towards a teaching degree. A philosophy should change with the times in order to stay a good teaching philosophy so that I can be the best that I can be. My philosophy has reflected that I will use the gods of technology, knowledge, morality, and diversity. These gods will help me make the public institution a good learning environment meant for all students who come there. A public institution should be equal, diverse, and fair, and I hope that my philosophy will help me accomplish these goals.

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