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HBO and The Gordon Parks Foundation provides scholarships to young filmmakers to honor the creative spirit of Gordon Parks in film and photography and to recognize aspiring filmmakers and acknowledge great photographers. This award recognizes new talent that is coming out of: the Ghetto Film School,where the mission is to educate, develop and celebrate the next generation of great American storytellers.


SUNY Plattsburgh

At SUNY Plattsburgh'sclose-knit community it is no struggle to focus on your education. Personal teaching technique and employee knowledge has allowed me to become a confident and competent writer. Intensive news writing training to real life

Here are some courses that helped me toward my goal:

Speech Coaching
Gained public speaking skills and confidence through teaching and helping fellow students.
Grammar and Sentence Writing
I am efficient in AP style writing.
Web Design and Production
Learned the basics of HTML5 and CSS coding in the production of a website.

The Cinema School

The nation’s first and only film high school– The Cinema School prepares students for the best colleges by challenging them to achieve new levels of understanding –of themselves and the world – through the art of filmmaking. TCS’ well–rounded academic program lays a strong foundation for success in any field while simultaneously empowering the voices, creative visions and aspirations of our students.

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