Valerie Smith

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Valerie Smith

Leisure, Fashion & Traveling Enthusiast

I am Valerie Smith double majoring in Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management and Public Relations with a minor in Business at State University of New York at Plattsburgh. From Westchester, New York, I am always planning for the future and like to keep myself busy.

My personal blog expresses the time people spend unwinding at hotels and restaurants from all over. While at school I write for CollegeFashionista headquartered in New York City. My job as an online intern is to photograph and write about student fashion on campus at my school.

Present day interests, within my majors, is to gain an international understanding of our world. I admire the business between people and leisurely activities. I believe I have a great eye for detail when it comes to fashion and style. The dream job for me would be traveling to different locations and writing about different hotels and restaurants or event planning.

Other interests is to get involved in fashion as well as to represent companies the way they want to be seen to the public. That’s where public relations comes in.

The possibilities of what my career life could be, began overseas adventuring Europe specifically, Spain, Italy and Greece. My eyes have opened even wider to the possibilities within both fields in my related coursework here at Plattsburgh State.

I would be a good candidate for jobs that do not restrict my lifestyle of creativity and flexibility to an office. That let me step-out of the traditional work space and expand to new horizons.