Victoria Adebanjo | Education

College Experience

SUNY College at Plattsburgh

SUNY Plattsburgh is a medium sized school located in upstate New York. This school located no too far from Canada has developed my sense of purpose and allowed me to find what I plan to do in my career. The people and experiences I have encountered here are long lasting and will probably be telling my kids what I did at college. This college houses an outstanding public relations program, which will aid me as I reach my goal of being a public affairs officer in a hospital.

Studying public relations has given me the skills needed to be a public relations specialist in the medical field. Obtaining an extensive knowledge of the field, how it has evolved and the key elements in the field has prepared me for the workforce. Obtaining a minor in biology has taught me the basic knowledge about the human body and evolution of our species in this world. It will help me to understand the concepts the medical staff and doctors use and be an advocate for patients and non-medical personnel. I will be able to understand my tasks easier with this minor and become better developed within a hospital setting.

Here are some of the courses I have taken so far:

PR Agency Practicum- Cardinal PR
Worked alongside our client, the Special Olympics , as we planned a campaign and held events to promote and educate the campus and surrounding community about what the Special Olympics is and how we can help them grow, obtain more funding and obtain more volunteers, coaches and athletes. Used theory and methods of persuasion and research to craft strategic messages and implement a campaign.
Assited the SUNY Plattsburgh PRSSA Bateman team as they launched the #HealWithIt campaign to change the culture of mental health on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. We wanted people from diverse backgrounds to feel comfortable receiving the help that they deserve and to let them know that when it comes to mental health, they are not alone. We raise our hand to show that we stand with mental illness.
African Unity #HEALWITHIT
Public Relations Research
Learned the essentials of data collection, design and analysis associated with common empirical concepts in both qualitative and quantitative research. Determined the correct method of research and how to properly hold a conduct the research aspect of a campaign.
Web Design and Production
gained experince working with HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver and other web programs. During the course I created my own website that houses my resume and other important documents related to my career.
Public Relations Principle
Gained the necessary knowledge about the public relations field and about the origins progressions of public relations as it transformed from the stigma of press agentry to the well-respected public relations. learned important figures in history and fan crisis management campaigns to obtain a view of what the PR field entails.
Grammar and Sentence Writing
Learned the basics of AP style and the correct use of grammar.
General Biology
Gained an understanding of show the body operates and how the earth evolved.

High School Experience

H.S. For Health Professions and Human Services (HPHS)

Attending HPHS helped introduced me to the medical field, by offering medical related programs such as: