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Photo taken by Thomas Montanaro at Nôtre Dame, Paris, France in October 2007Nôtre Dame, Paris, France
Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans


Leson Plan Title
Au Café
Food at a café
Le Jour et la date
Days of the Week / Months of the Year
La Météo
Weather Expressions
Tech-Integrated Lesson
Printout Version
Weather Forecast
Les Prépositions
Locational Prepositions
Wordreference    -   Free Online Dictionary for French, Spanish, Italian, Portugues, etc.

La Météo   -   Check how the weather is in France

La France   -   Map of France with locations of French cities

Digital Dialects   -    Review Games in Many Foreign Languages

Foreign Language Games   -   More Review Games in More Foreign Languages

Study Spanish   -   Helpful Resource for Improving Spanish

NRJ12    -   Popular French TV Channel (Similar to MTV in the US)

Tudou and Youku    -   Chinese Youtube Websites

Cinetube   -   Watch Spanish Movies

Crossword Puzzle Maker    -   Learn to Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle




     La Météo

             La Météo Worksheet         Le Temps Worksheet         La Météo Project          La Météo Project Rubric

     La Francophonie

             La Francophonie Webquest    Smartboard Lesson Plan

     Ma Soeur Mortelle - Movie For EdTech

Home | Résumé | Philosophy | Lesson Plans | Photos | P.A.G.E. Inc.

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