Teacher Candidate: __Thomas_Montanaro________________         Date: _November_13,2011

Lesson Plan Template


Unit Title: _”La_Vie_Courante”___ Subject: __French___ Grade Level: _7_Checkpoint_A____

Essential Question(s):__ How do we use language to communicate effectively on a daily basis? __

(*****You may not use every box everyday during field experience.)


Lesson Title/Number

“Quel temps fait-il ?”


State Standards and Performance Indicators


















Checkpoint A Standard I.  Students will use a language other than English for communication.


Performance Indicators:

  • Students will comprehend language consisting of simple vocabulary and structures in face-to-face conversation and interaction with other students, as well as the Teacher


  • Students will comprehend the main idea of more extended conversations with some unfamiliar vocabulary and structures as well as cognates of English words.


  • Students will compose a 5-day weather forecast in French to exchange information about days of the week, as well as descriptions of the weather.


Lesson Objectives

(Bloom’s Taxonomy)














Acceptable Evidence

*Could be collected for accountability/auditing purposes.




  1. The students will observe, listen, and repeat the expressions for describing the weather
  2. The students will restate what the weather is today and will be tomorrow. They will recognize how the météo is written.
  3. The students will practice asking and answering what kind of weather it is.  They will interview each other in order to find out what’s their favorite weather.
  4. The students will prepare a weather report as if it were on a television news program entirely in French.
  5. The students will select a location in a Francophone country on which to predict the weather forecast.






Evidence that students have achieved objective(s):

  1. The students will orally expressions of the weather using correct pronunciation with few errors. 
  2. The students will respond to oral questioning techniques used to monitor their progress, review information, and engage the students.  They will write the date correctly at the tops of all homework assignments and quizzes.  Students will listen to dialogues read aloud by myself or an audio CD and answer questions orally, as well as complete a 10 question homework assignment based on the information presented, to turn in, receive feedback on.
  3. The students will participate in group questioning activities such as interviewing each other and practicing putting newly learned vocabulary into context and use.  They will also be questioned individually to review new information.  Students will complete in class and homework assignments answering questions weather using their new vocabulary correctly. Students will take a pre-quiz, as a review of the different weather expressions.
  4. The students will prepare a weather forecast for the lesson.  They will label type of weather it is in French. They will include an original drawing to illustrate what type of weather it is for the next 5 days using prior knowledge on days of the week.
  5. The students will learn about the climate and weather in a town located in a French-Speaking country by creating a map with weather symbols and written script.




Bell Ringer and Prior Knowledge Tap


This can be together or separate. Also may be called: set induction, anticipatory set, introduction/review







Teacher input, development, instructional method(s), modeling, guided practice, independent practice, and/or activities





*Accommodations for learning modalities are required.


Label…visual, auditory, and kinesthetic















 Students will watch a video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRJapgn9sZQ that will help students review previous knowledge of days of the week, months, and seasons while introducing some new content.








Day 1

  1. The teacher will introduce the vocabulary by distributing the worksheet to the class with images depicting the expressions in French.  The teacher will discuss the vocabulary with the class about the translations in English (15 minutes) Auditory/Visual Direct Vocabulary Instruction
  2. Students will read a dialogue in French and read it with a partner (5 minutes) Auditory Face-to-Face Promotive Interaction
  3. The teacher will present a real weather forecast in France with descriptions in French. Students will translate the forecast with a classmate (10 minutes) Visual Word in Context
  4. The teacher will go over the correct translation to forecast (10 minutes) Auditory  Reinforcing Effort/Timely Feedback


Day 2

  1. Students will use bell ringer crossword puzzle to review vocabulary from previous class. (10 minutes) Visual Reinforcing Effort
  2. The teacher gives a weather expression in French, and the students give a gesture to the weather (20 minutes)

Auditory/Kinesthetic Engaging in Kinesthetic Activity

  1. The teacher will distribute worksheet containing project and explain the project, which is to perform a small skit on the weather forecast. The teacher will go over guidelines and requirements for the project. This information will be on the worksheet provided to students. (15 minutes) Auditory/Visual  
  2. The teacher will put students into groups for the forecast assignment. (5 minutes)

Day 3

  1. Students will watch a weather forecast in France. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgMmMUN3a8E&feature=related (5 minutes) Auditory/Visual Word in Context
  2. Teacher will question students about any words or expressions they understood in the video (5 minutes) Auditory Analytical Questions
  3. Review vocabulary with students using index cards online to display from the smart board at www.digitaldialects.com (10 minutes) Visual Image Association
  4. Students will go into their designated groups to discuss what they will do for their performance. Students can use props and humor. During this time, students can ask the teacher for questions and suggestions (20 minutes) Tactile/Kinesthetic

Day 4

  1. Students will receive quick review for quiz. (5 minutes) Auditory/Visual
  2. Students will perform their weather forecast skit (20 minutes) Visual/Tactile/Kinesthetic/Auditory
  3. Students will do a quiz on the weather expressions (20 minutes)



Checks for Understanding 


Label: directions, procedures, routines, and/or content (formative)


Observation: In the beginning of the class, teacher will ask lower-level Bloom’s taxonomy questions to students about the content because students are being introduced to material. Toward the end, teachers may also challenge students with higher-level Bloom’s taxonomy about the content.


Observation: During activities, the teacher will circulate the classroom examining students’ progress on Bell Ringers and worksheets. If the teacher sees any errors, he/she will provide instant feedback and correct any mistakes.


The teacher will use questioning to students on material. Teachers will observe students’ progress.


Students will perform a kinesthetic activity engaging in doing gestures according to weather expressions





Type and purpose


(sometimes called evaluation)


Formative Assessment: checking for understanding, questioning students in groups and individually, observing students working on activities, bell ringers, observing on-and-off task behavior, and reviewing class work when completed, and going over the lesson pre-quiz together as a class to prepare for the test.




Summative Assessment:  Forecast assignment will be given a formal grade based on completion and inclusion of specifically outlined criteria (Checklist).  There will be a 20 question test at the end of the unit, which will receive a summative grade.








At the end of the lesson, the students will decide as a group which location to present weather forecasts.  These will be used as a way to wrap up the lesson on weather before moving on and introducing new topic materials. 



and/or Interactions with Support Staff




Seating arrangements will have already been prepared for those with visual and/or visual disabilities.  Visual aids will also be used.  Students will have a handout guided notes from PowerPoint presentation.




Vocabulary sheets



Smart board




Forecast Template


Time Required


3-4 days