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Future Film Critic/Travel Writer

Throughout my life, I have been exposed to many different cultures, foods and types of entertainment. I have grown a liking for films, and I enjoy giving my opinion on movies. Recent travel to the Dominican Republic has inspired me to tell the world about these beautiful islands and countries. These experiences have led to my aspiration of becoming a film critic and/or travel writer.

I have spent almost two years studying journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh. I have taken classes in audio/video production, magazine writing, written and oral expression as well as reporting and news writing. These classes have taught me the ins and outs of basic audio/video recording, as well as a ton of grammar rules that will stick forever.

My professional experience at Cardinal Points, SUNY Plattsburgh's student-run newspaper, has also enhanced my knowledge of reviews and newspaper experience. Serving as a grammar guru and a speech coach also adds to my public-speaking experience.

Over these past semesters, I have maintained a spot on the dean's list. If you are looking for someone with strong public-speaking skills and plenty of knowledge of grammar and newspaper/magazine writing, plese view my resume and samples. it would be a pleasure to hear back from you.

Contact me:, (347)452-1426.

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