Public Relations Professional

My goals are to work in corporate PR doing brand management for a large size company.

I would like to work with a large company and learn their goals and values as a whole. My internship that I am doing this year gives me the opportunity to work with one specific department in our school, help them improved and to get their name out there more. The Title IX department at SUNY Plattsburgh has given me their goals and objectives they want to achieve for the 2017-2018 academic year I figured out different outlets to get their message across to the school and community. Brand management and re-branding is what I want to mainly focus on.

I also have had experience with collaborating with other public relations student to create a school-wide campaign to help with the social injustices we have on campus. The campaign was called the “I am an Ally”, project we created buttons and tshirts had students sign pledges to say they are an ally to any underrepresented groups on campus.

I like to find the best way to market to people and create the best possible idea to grab their attention. I look at my target audience and decide the best way to reach out.

Contact me: Tammara Brandon at 5189869260

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