High school

Schenectady High school June 2014

SUNY Plattsburgh

SUNY Plattsburgh,NY Bachelor of Arts: Public Relations Minor: Journalism May 2018

Course Related Classes

Campaign planning and Development
In this class, we were assigned a client. We did research and created a planning process for a campaign.
Event Planning and Managament
We worked on a semester long project creating a specific event in the North Country. Learned different ways to help with event planning such as time organizations and budgeting.
Public Relations Research and Methods
We learn different ways to conduct research such as focus groups, statistics and graphs. This included learning how to use primary and secondary sources.
Internal Relations
We learned how to deal with the different issues that come up in a corporations. How coroprations work and how human rsources work.

Objective - Aspiring to be a Public Relations Professional

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