Microsoft Office and iWork
I have strong foundations on the software and applications.
I created different images and lgos for myself and others as a hobby.
Corel Video Studio Pro
I can edit videos for both public use and private use.
Computer repair
I often help friends to fix their computers.
I can be able to speak Chinese and English.
Music Instruments
I learned Guitar and a little bit of piano when I was in high school.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Explore software and Applications
I enjoy finding new stuffs and play with them.
Video Games
I have been playing video games since i was really young.
I always love drawing and design things by myself.
Outdoor experinces
Skydiving, Skiing, and Hiking I enjoy a lot f outdoor extreme sports.
Music and Movies
I enjoy all kinds of music, and I have watched all top list movies from IMDb.