Chinese Association at SUNY Plattsburgh
I became the president of Chinese Association at SUNY plattsburgh in 2016, and the mission of Chinese Association is to help the members to learn Chinese culture and Chinese language itself.
International Club
I was the vice-president of International Club in Seton Catholic in 2014-2015. The goal of the club was to help international student to fit in to the new environment.

Community Experiences

The Salvation Army Thrift Store of Plattsburgh, NY
I helped it to sort out the clothes.
Soup Kitchens at Seton Academy in Plattsburgh, NY
The school had food service to homeless, I volunteered as a waiter in the gym of Seton Academy.
Adirondack Humane Society Inc in Plattsburgh, NY
My job was taking care of the pets.
Evergreen Valley Nursing Home and Lake Forest Senior Retirement
My job was to take care of the elder and to talk to them.
Saint Peter's Church
I helped to clean the Church duiring the weekend after 11:00 clock's mass.
Dannemora United Methodist Church
I helped to clean up the dishes after mass.