Who is Sida

My name is Sida Zhang, graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh Department of Computer Science in 2019. I have deep affection for the major itself and invested enthusiasm and energy into it. After several years of studying, I have learned computer principles, Python, C language, C++, Java, Web Design and other major knowledge.

Talking about Sida

By learning to complete projects I did from the previous years, I have accumulated solid experiences with strong abilities to learn. At the same time, in order to enhance my personal qualities, I frequently participated in various activities. I was running for the president of Chinese Association and participated in more than 200 community service hours. Because of my father's career, I got my first personal computer when I was six and received my frist lap-top as a birthday gift when I was 10. I had really early experiences on computer which established my obsession to computer. Since then, I started to learn more about computer and fell in love with this field. These experiences enhanced my leadership, openness, social aspects, which I realized the importance of unityand cooperation. I believe these experiences will play an important role in my future career.