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United States History:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: This is a great site to give students (and parents) a brief overview of the holocaust including timelines, maps, articles, and more! There are additional resources for educators!

Library of Congress-Resources for Teachers: This section of the Library of Congress' website provides tips on how to use primary sources, academic journals, professional development opportunities and resources to use within the classroom. These classroom resources include lesson plans, presentations, activities, primary sources, and more!

National Archives-Educator Resources: This section of the National Archives website specifically lists resources for teachers such as sources surrounding National History Day, student visits to museums, professional development, and sources to use within the classroom. Topics included in classroom resources include the Constitution, National History Day, the Civil War, the World Wars, among other topics and additionally include YouTube videos, eBooks, and worksheets to aid your teaching.

U.S. History: This site provides ample resources for U.S. History, American Government, and Ancient Civilizations. It includes basic information about many topics, from Native American Society prior to British colonization to the 21st century, including information about the historians!

NYSED-New York State Library: This website provides teachers with various resources such as lesson plans, newspaper collections, primary sources, and directs you to other sites which provide more collections, and can connect you with local libraries.

History Channel: Inside World War II: This section of the History Channel website provides an excellent interactive timeline for WWII. It includes sections such as Women in the War, The Draft, Japanese Americans, and the Manhattan Project.


Global History:

National History Education Clearinghouse: A good website for teachers which includes lesson plans, guides for teaching with technology or to English Language Learners, and contacts to reach out to historians or other teachers. It additionally provides website reviews, best practices, and even quizzes and rubrics!

History Channel: Provides articles, videos, pictures, speeches, key vocabulary. A good website for a basic overview of a topic or to review a certain event.

Smithsonian-Education: This website provides an excellent number of resources for teachers, students, and families! Each section includes specific topics within history, technology, culture, art, science, nature, people and places! Within the Educator section, multiple resources for various grades are available, especially through history!

American Battle Monuments Commission: World War II Interactive Timeline: This website is an excellent resource for students, as well as teachers! It includes specific time periods throughout WWII, an interactive map, specific events and decriptions, and even includes a section on the pre-war period (1919-1938)!

Histography: Interactive Timeline of History: An interactive timeline of almost all known historical events. You have the ability to select certain subjects within this timeline such as women in history, wars, and inventions.


Other Resources:

Purdue Online Writing Lab: Provides students with an excellent resource on how to create citations, when to use citations, how to imbed a citation, what type of citations to use, as well as general research and writing help!

Citation Machine: Provides students with the ability to create various types of citations.

Discovery Education: This site provides educators with various resources, regardless of the age or discpline of the class they teach. It provides lessons, worksheets, activities and possible topics to introduce in your classroom.

Timeline: This is an excellent resource for teachers to create timelines based on events, dates, or times for any subject within their classroom!




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