SH Illustration

Sean Hooker

Hello, my name is Sean Hooker. I am a senior at SUNY Plattsburgh with a Computer Science major with a minor in Web Design and Programming. I am from Oregon but grew up in Glens Falls, New York. Some of my hobbies include watching movies, playing games, and going outside to play sports, hike, relax, etc. I really enjoy the West in United States, as I have been there several times, but am eager to see more of the world.

Ever since I was a little kid, I was fascinated with technology and how much it can do. I remember looking at a computer chip and wondering how something so small can be so powerful. I owned video game consoles and saw how much they have advanced in so little years. Computers used to take up entire rooms and now people carry computers that are smaller, affordable, and more powerful than ever before. Seeing how much technology/computers have advanced since my childhood stimulated my interest to make computer science my career path.

Growing up playing video games showed me some of the incredible things that computers can do. In high school, I loved designing things in my ceramics, sculpture, and graphic design classes. In college, I also took ceramics and graphic design classes. This helped me realize that graphic design would be something I would love to do as my job. Please consider me as a candidate for this position.