Computer Skills

A picture of an Arduino Lite board. Photo by: Home Circuits
HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MYSQL, C++, Java, Python
I have a lot of experience working with various computer languages. I have been programming at an amateur level since I was in high school, but have started programming at a much higher level thanks to my studies at SUNY Plattsburgh.
Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Sony Vegas Pro 12, Windows OS, and Linux OS
I have worked with various different softwares that fill the need for various different activities. For example I can edit photos with photoshop to better suit the web or to better suit a company or individual's needs. I can format information through the use of spreadsheets or text documents with the Microsoft products and I can edit videos with Sony Vegas. I also have expierence with different operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

Soft Skills

Great communicator and public speaker
I have taken multiple classes in which public speaking was a key theme in the class, either in important presentations or through multiple activities in which public speaking was a key factor. I have also been enthusiastic when presenting and enjoy sharing what my team mates and I have to say.
Works very well in teams
I am very flexible when working in a team. If no one wants to step up and lead the team, I am more than happy to do so myself. If someone else wants to lead, then I also enjoy taking a more passive position in the team. I always like to take the path of least resistance because I feel as though it helps the team work more smoothly.

Interests and Hobbies

Web Design
Computers have always been seen as mundane, but through web design, people can create very beautiful pages through very mundane machines. I have always loved trying my hand at design
Reading is great because it is a skill that we must learn, but once we learn how to read, it will help us learn an array of other skills. Books of course are also amazing stories too
Watching Movies
Sometimes it's nice just to kick back and relax and watch a movie with some friends or family.