Journalism Dept.

This semester I worked as a teaching assistant for audio and video production within the Journalism Dept. Some of my responsibilities as the teaching assistant was to be present at every class and keep documentation of all in class notes and handouts. I also assisted in all class activities and provided additional help to students outside of class.

Gender and Women's Studies Dept.

This semester I served as a peer educator within the GWS Dept. and facilitated the sexuality, power, and relationships weekend course. With this leadership role I was tasked with addressing gendered violence and consent on college campuses and gave a presentation on gender identity. Throughout preparation for and during the course I realized I improved my interpersonal and counseling skills in relation to working with survivors of sexual assault.

Shine On! Conference

During the Spring 2014 semester I Participated in Shine On!, a weekend conference that helped build self-esteem and confidence in young girls. I Co-facilitated the Miss Representation workshop and educated the girls on how the media portrays women and gender.

Cardinal Points

During my time with Cardinal Points, Fall 2013 and Fall 2014, I have served as a regular videographer and an Associate Online Editor. What was required of me didn't change much, but I was given a lot more responsibility. I supported the Online Editor in all duties pertaining to video shooting, photography editing, and management of staff and problem solving. I updated the Cardinal Points website by archiving old stories, posting new stories, creating and fixing links, and adding video content to the website, YouTube and Vimeo. I also had to interview people and record footage of events happening on campus and in the Plattsburgh area.