University Police

During my freshman year I was hired as a ticket writer, and still am, for University Police. Some of my responsibilities are to distribute tickets to students, faculty, staff, and visitors in violation of campus parking policies. I also give out tow warnings and call the dispatcher for illegally parked cars to be towed. Sometimes I work with officers at special events (sports events and graduation) to manage traffic flow and distribute tickets.

Empire 25

This past summer I worked at Empire 25, an AMC movie theatre located on 42nd Street. I was part of film crew so my job was to sell snacks, hot food, and beverages to guests and make sure the concession stand was clean and presentable. When I was ushering I greeted guest when they were entering and exiting the theatre or a movie and assisted them when they required help. I also cleaned bathrooms, auditoriums, and made sure that the theatre looked presentable. At all times I had to promote special offers to guests and always be welcoming and willing to help in order to improve customer loyalty.