I believe community service is an important aspect of my life so far. It started as a requirement I needed to graduate high school but it has turned into a passion of mine. It's about giving back to your community and can turn into a very gratifying experience. More important, is that as human beings we will never know when we may be in a situation that requires us to receive help from others who are volunteering there time.


During the spring 2014 semester and this semester as well, I volunteered for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) on campus. EOP is a support service and financial assistance program for students from low-income backgrounds and whom wouldn't have normally been admitted into SUNY Plattsburgh. I sold candy-grams to raise money for the EOP emergency fund. This money can be used to help EOP students when they are not financially able.


While in high school, during the 2010 and 2011 summer breaks, I volunteered as a Counselor in Training (CIT) for the McBurney YMCA summer camp in New York City. As a CIT I worked with children from the ages of six to ten. Some of the task required of me were helping the children with art activities, planning group activities, and escorting groups of children on field trips. I also received some experience working within the McBurney YMCA as well. I was required to greet members as they entered the YMCA and scan their member identification cards. On some occasions I gave potential members a tour of the facilities provided by the YMCA (pool, gym, sauna, locker room).

God's Love We Deliver

Through the YMCA I was afforded a community service opportunity during the 2010 summer break to work with God's Love We Deliver, which is a non profit that provides meals 24 hours for the elderly, disabled, and individuals who are deemed unable to care for themselves. For God's Love We Deliver I made gift cards for the customers of the delivery service.

Moving Forward...

Although my community service ends here I plan on continuing to give back to my community, whether it be local or globally. Because of this, during my junior year I plan on volunteering in Salvador, Brazil where I will work in a favela, either teaching children English, working with the elderly or individuals with disabilities.