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SUNY Plattsburgh is a small, liberal arts college in the State University of New York system, located in upstate New York near the Vermont and Quebec borders.

SUNY Plattsburgh offers a great Public Relations and Journalism program and has excellent professors that have experience and know what this particular field looks for in graduating college students.

Classes Taken:

Athletics in Education

this was one of the first steps towards learning how to become a better coach for kids in high school. this class taught me how to make sure my athletes stay safe and how to coach the proper way.

Public Speaking

As a public realtions major this class taught me how to be comfortable in front of a croud of people. it also taught me the proper techniques on how to go about presenting myself in front of an audiance. it also taught me things not to do during public speaking for example not staring down at your note cards and avoiding filler words.

Public Relations Principles

This class was the first step in realzing what exactly a public relations person does and how to go about handeling dificult situations. this class was the reason why i knew i chose the right major.

Business Law and Ethics

This class focused on how people should interact with eachother in the field of business. it also taught me the right things to do when handeling or seeing a difficult situation develop.

Grammer and Sentance Writing

This class looks into why and how people should do things in this field of work. About having morals and sticking to them and by not taking any short cuts.