Peter's skills

Valuable Skills and Abilities


Planned a PR campaign for town of Plattsburgh
Worked with Town Supervisor Michael Cashman to rebrand the town's digital image. Tasks completed included a proposed redesign of the towns web page.
Ran marketing campaign for Koto Japanese Steak House
In plattsburgh, redesigned facebook page, created brochures, contacted local media outlets for estimates on ad time.
Member of Varsity Lacrosse team
demonstrates work ethic and commitment to succeeding in a team-oriented environment.

Communication Abilities

Interviewing and Reporting
During my time at Plattsburgh I have taken numerous Journalism classes and have had experience doing basic news reporing. This experience has helped me to focus on my skills as an interviewer by not only studying theory, but with real experience talking to real people and righting real news reports.
Public Speaking and Presenting
Taking classes focusing solely on giving speeches and presenting research early on in my college career gave me the fundamental knowlege and experience to be confident and comfortable speaking in front of audiences of all sizes. Since taking basic courses I have continued to develop my ability, applying what I learned from some great professors to assignments in all of my courses, and to real life scenarios.
Extensive course work in grammar has aided me in improving my writing abilities. I received excellent marks in grammar courses and have also gone on to help edit papers for many of my peers, and continue to do so.

Computer Technology

I have experience using many online programs, including the following:

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