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My decision to attend school at SUNY Plattsburgh was heavily influenced by my recruitment by the lacrosse team, but once I arrived I fell in love with the north country and thw excellent faculty and services the college provides. I came to school majoring in fitness and wellness but quickly transferred to Public Relations my first semester. Since then I've drifted more towards marketing, initially declaring a minor but have now begun to consider a second shift in major. I became interested in PR for its focus on interpersonal communication but the business and financial aspects of marketing have drawn me more towards that.

Important Coursework

PR Campaign development
Gained first hand experience in campaign design and development. Worked with Plattsburgh Town Supervisor Michael Cashman to develop a multi-faceted campaign strategy to establish the Town of Plattsburgh's social media and online presence.
Learned statistical methods in psychological research
Research Methods
Studied and practiced different research methods, including surveys, focus groups and observational research.
Advertising in Marketing
Worked with advertising campaigns within the local Plattsburgh business, Koto Japanese Steakhouse. Myself and a team of my classmates redesigned the company's facebook page, distributed coupon brochures and proposed a radio add campaign while applying advertising theory learned in the classroom.

Union-Endicott Highschool

Union-Endicott High School

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