An Innovative And Trustworthy Political Journalist

Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in politics. I have fond memories of watching the evening news with my parents after they arrived home from work. This simple act of enjoyment turned out to be an obsession of mine. Politics affects every little aspect of everyday life, so it’s important as American citizens to keep up with the latest political news. I also became obsessed with writing around this time because I love how useful it is as a sense of self-expression. I was also enamoured by how powerful words can be if you use them in a certain way and structure. This is how I arrived at the occupation of a political journalist.

Many different credentials support my willingness and motivation to be a political journalist. I currently am a double major in Multimedia and News Journalism and am also minoring in Political Science at SUNY Plattsburgh and will be graduating in 2021. I am currently an apprentice for Cardinal Points, SUNY Plattsburgh’s newspaper, which will give me valuable experience interviewing and writing on a deadline. I have worked for Taco Bell for two years, which has taught me how to work with a team to complete a common goal. I also was a chief editor for Fairport High School’s newspaper, The Lampion.

I would be a great hire for any news, online or magazine publication looking for a political journalist. I am very willing to meet new people and am not afraid to approach strangers to inquire about a certain topic. I am highly adaptable as an employee to a variety of work situations. I work well with others and am always a team player. I always seek to report nothing but the truth when writing for a publication. I understand the English language and all of its grammatical, punctuation and semantic rules outstandingly well. I am not afraid to admit when I’m wrong and am great with incorporating and accepting others’ ideas into my own writing.

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