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    American Memory -

This site was made by the Library of Congress and provides free access to primary and secondary sources. To be more descriptive, they have sound recordings, still and moving images, prints and maps that provide information on American history. These materials are chronicle historical events, people, places and ideas that provide for the basis of social studies education. The site was established in 1994 and raised 13 million dollars in private donations to do so.


Teachers First is website that provides a large collection of lessons, units and web recourses. It is designed to save teachers time by delivering what they need in an ad-free format. They offer professional and classroom ready content as well as thousand of reviewed web recourses. For example, April is poetry month so they give different lessons on how to teach students on how to think and write about poetry.

Smithsonian Online Museum -

This website provides information to the many happenings occurring at the museum presently. For example, if there is an art exhibit going on display, the website will explain the actual exhibit and what artists are being featured in the exhibit. They have also been holding events to commemorate the the 150 year anniversary of the civil war. One of which is a discussion of whether or not the civil war was a total war (a war meant to won at all costs.)

PBS Teachers -

PBS teachers provides sample Lesson plans and materials for teachers teaching pre K and K-12. They also have a discussion board where teachers can share their thoughts on websites they've found and whether they're good or not. It has a professional development tab where teachers can go tresearch certain graduate classes they can take and how it can positively affect their career.


JSTOR is an online database that provides millions of scholarly journals in disciplines including history, anthropology and political science. The site is subscribed to over 1,000 academic journals, 1 million images, letters, and other primary sources. It is a non-profit website that provides peer reviewed articles to students, scholars and researchers  in a digital archive. The website was set up in the year 2000.

Editorial Cartoonists -

Is a website that provides recent political cartoons but the association itself is responsible for much more. It promotes the interests of their staff, freelance and student editorial cartoonists in the united states. They also have a program designed to aid educators in teaching historical and economical current events.

 New York State Education Department -

I decided to use the Education department as one of my recourses because it lists the curriculum standards for teaching/learning social studies. The first key idea for teaching U.S. History is analyzing the development of American culture, it's diversity and multicultural context and the ways people are unified by values, practices and traditions.  There are 5 standards and 4 key ideas to each so this website would be useful as a reference. 

Proquest- New York Times -

This Database provides newspaper clippings from the New York Times from year 1851- 2007. It's a great tool for someone who is researching events during that time frame. If one wanted to research the sinking of the Lusitanian or any particular battle involving the U.S. during WWI, this would be a great place to start and pull information 

National Dissemination Center for children with Disabilities -

This site give current information about disabilities. They serve as a website dedicated to users by listing easy-to-read information about laws and rights of students with disabilities and the services they are entitled to under the Individual with Disabilities Education Act.

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