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SUNY Plattsburgh

SUNY Plattsburgh is a small and unique campus that is part of the State University of New York network. It's located in upstate New York near Vermont and not far from a Canadian border. During my time at Plattsburgh so far I've joined a sorority, joined the staff of Cardinal Points, met some of the most interesting people I know and got a new job. During my time in Plattsburgh I've taken a variety of classes:

Journalism Classes
Introduction to Journalism
Grammar and Sentence Writing
The course covered a breakdown of basic grammar and sentence writing. It taught us how to identify the individual parts of a sentence
U.S Media History
We watched a lot of film clips from different time periods, read old newspapers and talking about the "birth" of journalism.
Introduction to News Writing
We learned many ap style rules and the basic structure of a news article.
A.V Production
Became more familiar with camera, learned how to edit film and improved our interviewing skills.
Reporting and News Writing
This course extended upon what we learned in Intro. to News Writing.
Literary Journalism
This class taught us how to be more creative with our writing abilities.
Public Relations Classes
Law and Ethics for Public Relations and Journalism
We learned a lot about the legal system of the United States.
Basic Communication
Public Speaking. We gave a series of five speeches ranging in length form 5-15 minutes.
Public Relations Principles
A basic introduction to public relations.
Web Design and Production
We were introduced to html and how to use css.
Travel Writing
We wrote a series of articles after learning about the different styles travel writing.
General Education courses
Introduction to World Regional Geography
Learned about many different geographical regions.
Introduction to Psychology
Learned about a number of psychologists and compared case studies.
Math 101
Basic Algebra
Introduction to Astronomy
Learned about galaxies and comets, our solar system and the constellations
U.S. Civil History
Learned about United States history in a more in depth sense.
Critical Research Skills
Learned how to thoroughly use databases for research.

Whitehall Jr./Sr. High School

Kindergarten through 12th grade at Whitehall Jr./Sr. High where I graduated with a class of 42 in which I ranked 6th.

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