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Phet Interactive Simulations

This site has online simulations for topics in Physics. It offers interactive activities for studnets to imporve their understading of Physics.

The Physics Classroom

This website offers an outline for a physics course with sample problems and solution. Students can use this website to review topics.


HyperPhysics is a website that offers a quick review on a topic. It's a good site to use to get a quick explanation on a Physics topic.

This site provides news and updates about Physics and the research being done in the field. Students can use the website to relate the topics they learn in class to their daily lives.

Physics Regents

This website provides online copies of the past Physics Regents. This can be used for students to pratice for their exams and also practice outside of class.

Cutnell & Johnson Physics 4th edition Online Study Guide

This site gives online problems for students to workd on. It gives a review, problems, simulations, and quizzes.

Khan Academy

For students who learn better through videos Khan Academy offers YouTube videos that explain physics topics and work through problems.

Physics Lab Online

This website provides worksheets on different physics topics as well as potential labs to be done in class. It also has AP Physics review for students who take a higher level Physics.

APS Physics

This is the American Physical Society Site which is a site that keeps students aware of the opportunities avaliable to them through Physics.

Physics Problems and Solutions

This website offers students an opportunity to work an Physics prblems and have the solutions for them.

Force of Friction WedQuest

The following link leads to a WebQuest as a review of the force of friction.

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