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Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” I whole heartedly agree with this quote and it is the reason why I want to become a teacher. As a teacher, I would have the chance to make a meaningful impact on hundreds of students throughout my career. I then imagine the ripple of impact that could be created if each of my students was able to spread my teaching to someone new. It is my hope that as an educator I can model and instill the change I wish to see in the world in my students, so that they can go on to help better themselves and the world around them.

Thus I believe that students need to be given interesting and creative outlets to explore their interests and to help their learning. As a teacher, I will engage students in active learning through discussions and activities which require higher level thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. While I will have high expectations of my students, I will do everything necessary to help support their success. I will use innovative, challenging, and meaningful activities in my lesson to motivate my students and inspire them to learn. Students will use critical thinking and collaboration in class as well as when performing experiments. I believe that having students work together to complete certain tasks and assignments will benefit their immediate learning, as well as provide them with teamwork experience that they can use throughout their life.

When students are excited and engaged learners, they care about and appreciate their education. I am dedicated to put in the time and effort required so that all of my students can succeed academically and in their own lives. It is my goal that the skills and experiences I provide my students with will help my students recognize and take advantage of  the many opportunities available in life.


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