Skills, Hobbies, Interests


Behind the scenes filming at the docks
Me filming the 'Terrace House' Fan-Remake

Digital Media

I am a hobbyist photographer. I typically shoot events where people are the primary subject. My work has been featured on the SUNY Plattsburgh social media pages.
I am also a hobbyist videographer. I have been making videos for YouTube since 2007 but my work with digital cameras began in 2016. I primarily shoot events for Clubs and Organizations at SUNY Plattsburgh.


I spend a lot of my free time learning how to reverse-engineer older games in order to learn how they work. I use byte analysis techniques to discover how files are compressed, such as searching for common headers or patterns of bytes in hex editors and researching similar patterns. I primarily use tools like IDA Pro and Jetbrains DotPeek to inspect source code, and map out logical sequences on paper. I try to do some personal research on the original developers in order to learn of any techniques they may have shared and to imagine what their thought process would have been. My main projects have focused on video games including Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Story of Seasons, and vSide.
Desktop Software
I have written various pieces of desktop software which I found most useful to me at the time. I have experience working from other's code, as shown in my MusicBee Plugin, MusicBee Discord Rich-Presence. I have also written APIs such as OsuJAPI which is a Java API for Osu!. I have used build tools such as Maven, Gradle, and have used package managers such as Nuget. I have experince in a variety of programming languages, including (in order of use): Java, C#, Python, C, and Perl. I have also experience using databases to effectively and securely store and retrieve data, primarily MySQL. I primarily program in IDEs built by Jetbrains, and automate the build process with Continuous-Integration servers such as Travis.

Web Design & Development

Standard web design skills including HTML5, CSS3, JS
In highschool, I ran my own programming business and did the web design work for it. Prior to that, I learned how to create website mockups in Photoshop, and how to create, modify, and publish websites to a web server. I am familiar with current conventions and frameworks.
Backend web development skills
For my senior project in highschool, I created a draft website for my school to use, which included a login system which linked to Powerschool (a grade-management system).

Office Software

I created forms including Media Release and Participation Agreement forms for various events. I have also written equipment-use instructions, and am usually good at knowing how to use simple and concise language. Very familiar with the interface across various variations of word processing software.
I created automatic spreadsheets which populated via Google Forms, used macros and scripts to automate processes, and used user-made add-ons to make tasks easier to perform. I am familiar with the most common formulas, and have taken an introductory statistics course which taught basic stats formulas.
I created aesthetically appealing and non-distracting powerpoint presentations which I presented during club meetings, classes, and job interviews.

Hobbies & Interests

Modding Video Games
Modifying games in such a way to offer new features or build upon existing features.
Reverse Engineering Games
I enjoy trying to get into the mind of other developers. "Why did they do this?" or "How did they do this?," are the questions I find myself asking. By diving deeper into the assembling information of video games, I gain a better understanding of how certain techniques are used to save time and money in the industry.