Employment History

Paid Work

Library & Information Technology Services

Winter 2017 Commencement Media Staff
Media Tech Staff at Winter 2017 Commencement

Media Services and Classroom Customer Support Services at SUNY Plattsburgh allow you to make the most of your classroom, presentation, or special event activities. We also work behind the scenes to ensure a high degree of availability for key infrastructure elements, including cable TV access.

As a Media Assistant, I would setup, test, and troubleshoot audio/video equipment including projectors, amplifiers, mixers, microphones, monitors, and cameras. I responded to trouble calls via phone and radio, and submitted trouble tickets.

I spent extra time working during breaks, so my duties shifted to include creating/updating instructions for equipment use, inventorying buildings on campus and keeping track in automatic spreadsheets, regularly checking classrooms on campus and updating the status in automatic spreadsheets, and recyling and disposing of equipment per state and SUNY guidelines

Library & Information Technology Services

As a 2nd Floor Assistant in the Feinberg Library at SUNY Plattsburgh, I had various duties to maintain patron satisfaction. I checked out books, DVDs, and various other forms of media to patrons. I also routinely inventoried media collections, tidied shelves. When I worked opening or closing shifts, I followed standards procedures for doing so. My main role as an asisstant was to assist the associates with various duties that supervisors tasked.

Keene Valley Library

As an interning supervisor of the Keene Valley Library, my main objective was to please patrons and maintain order. Being in a small town, our daily patron count was around 100, we received no state funding, and thus were completely donation-run. There was typically only one employee assigned at a time, given the amount of duties and budget constraints, so most of the work was placed on the employee.

When I opened in the morning, I followed opening procedures which included clearing the dropboxes and checking in those books, unlocking doors and turning on lights, supplying the bathroom, and gathering a list of books to mail out. During the day, I would assist patrons with checking in/out and finding books and other media, issuing library cards, managing fines on accounts, ordering books from other libraries including state-wide exchanges, identifying art within the library, assisting with computer and printer use, and offering suggestions on new books to read.

In the evening, I would follow standard closing procedure which included asking patrons to leave, locking doors, turning off lights, moving misplaced books to the check-in box for the following morning, and turning off all other electronics. During my time, I was also assisting the planning association with renovations, so I spent my first few months moving furniture, offering ideas for advertisement, and information patrons of the project.

Volunteer Work

Global Education Office (GEO) Orientation Team

Self-portrait during Fall 2017 Orientation
Fall 2017 Orientation

I am very involved with the Global Education Office at SUNY Plattsburgh. My first volunteer job was as an Orientation Leader, where my role was to coordinate group activities and assist students, to the best of my ability, with all things orientation and SUNY Plattsburgh related. When I began making more and more suggestions as to how to improve the orientation program, I took the plunge and applied (and was accepted) to the role of Orientation Leader Coordinator. My primary duties as coordinator is to manage all of the Orientation Leaders, serve as a liaison between the profesional staff and the stuent staff, to respond to prospective students' emails with any questions or concerns they may have, and more. I sincerely believe that International Students are an integral part of the SUNY Plattsburgh and Plattsburgh community, and I want to do everything I can to improve and maintain a stable orientation process.