About Me

Photographer, Software Developer

Self-portrait using flash and mirror
Self-Portrait using Mirror and Flash

From as early as I can remember, I have had a passion for teaching myself new skills. It began with with reading and writing when I was 4 years old, and evolved into self-teaching various programming languages and later natural languages. I am a very project-oriented person; I enjoy helping things go from a concept sketch to a successful product that is regularly used and appreciated. I enjoy working on projects as a team and spend much of my time contributing to group and open-source projects.

I have studied Information Technology at SUNY Plattsburgh for two years now, but the majority of my knowledge came from experiences I had during high school. During the summer before my sophomore year, I ran my own programming business where I marketed my skills as a freelance modder for popular games like Minecraft. From that experience, I gained many skills, including programming, web design and budgeting

My skills now have greatly broadened, and I am proficient in handful of programming languages including (in order of use): C#, Java, Python, C and Javascript.

Aside from programming, I also possess skills in graphic design and public relations, including creating and advertising posters, photography and videography. Some of my work has been featured on the SUNY Plattsburgh social media pages and department portfolios, and my goal is to have some of my software or web applications showcased and/or used by the college.

I am looking to use my skills in collaborative projects which are marketed globally. Although most of my experience has been as a solo developer, I learn quickly and my ultimate goal is to work with a diverse team of developers to leave a positive impact on the entertainment or education industry.