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SUNY Plattsburgh

I chose magazine journalism as a means to expand an exceptional gift with words. I primarily increased my skills by writing fantasy novels. My first official story can be found on which was group-effort in terms of ideas.

  • Major: Magazine Journalism
  • Classes
  • Making sure stories aren't messed up or headlines don't butt against one another can ensure a newspaper's success. I recommend myself for this field as an as-needed basis as this particular skill is currently still in the works.

    Readers don't just want regular news anymore, they want to put themselves in the shoes of the story's subject matter. They want gripping plot-lines, juicy dialogue, and action. With enough research, interviews and some imagination, that is exactly what I can give them.

    Filming and editing video and audio footage is like sculpting clay: Once you learn the techniques the artist goes into his/her own world while the hands do all the work. Note: I will require a run-down program of studio equipment in order to familiarize myself with the studio's individual filming and editing process.

    Learning the basics is crucial to any field in journalism. Note: I will require clarification on news studio's individual styles on story structure, magazine design, preferred subjects, etc in order to familiarize myself with future career postings.

    Clinton Community College

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