I am primarily striving to become a magazine journalist. Although, I have obtained many interests in my academic travels of this field. If the subject interests me I can potentially lose myself in writing an article. With the many events out there, capturing the footage behind the camera can always prove interesting. Also, with practice and some study, editing the footage would be an adventure every time. In my younger days, I was a rather amateur artist, but with patience and practice, making newspaper cartoons will easily become my idea of fun.

Employment History

Rainbow Wedding Hall

While the jobs I performed at the Rainbow Wedding Hall were not related directly to journalism, they do give a unique perspective of how work goes on in the wedding and party service industry. With enough practice and observation I wouldn't be surprised if I wrote a journalistic novel on the subject.

College Activities or Publications

Cardinal Points Newspaper Cartoons


I have been involved in several of New Covenant Church programs as follows:

See the church website for details.

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