Tasks for Execution of the Mission:
Part A:
1. The Veterans History Project, run by the Library of Congress, has been developing an online database of American Veterans since the year 2000.  
2. You must first search the Veterans History Project to select a soldier you want to create a tribute about.  You will watch an interview or read the interview transcript with your soldier.  
3. The following link will take you directly to the database search.  
4.  In order to search WWII Veterans with online material for you to access...make sure you check the WWII box in “Conflict or Era”, and that you check YES for “Digitized Collection”.  
The rest of the search options are up to your discretion.  Hit GO!
5.  Read the biographical information on your soldier, and watch the complete interview or read the interview transcript.  Take notes on things you want to include as you write and produce your tribute.  
6. Remember, follow up research may be done if you want to learn more information on POW’s or a service member’s military unit or job.  
Part B:
1. You will now be using the National Archives online collection of WWII photographs.  Use the link below.  
2. Select five images that you think best depict your veteran or his or her story.  
3. The pictures you will be browsing are from the holdings of the Still Picture Branch of NARA.  You MUST fully cite your photographs both in your script and video or face a court martial from your commanding officer.  
Part C:
1. The Library of Congress has just recently launched the National Jukebox...they provide online access to historical recordings.  This is an amazing tool for preservation!
2.  You will browse the recordings and select music that you think is fitting to have playing in the background of your broadcast.  
3.  Full citations must be provided and music will only be used directly from the site.  
4.  You can browse the holdings in any way you like.  Click on Browse All Recordings and you will be given many categories.  Jukebox Day by Day is also a fun feature of the site!  
Part D:
1.  Create your script and make a video of your broadcast to submit to me online via email: megberry45@gmail.com  
2.  Remember to cite any materials you use.  
3.  You may use software of your choice for editing your video.  
4. Have FUN telling the story of your veteran.  Keep in mind you are finding information on real people, and real events!!!
Continue to SERVICE SUPPORT where you will find additional resources to help you on your mission!
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