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This is a great website in regards to calculus. The site goes through every aspect of calc, in detail, and is simple enough that a person could use it to teach themselves.

Create a Graph
This is an online graph creator that allows the user to enter names and values for the graphs and can create a variety of graphs. The main graphs listed and Bar, Line, Area, Pie,and Plane graphs.

This is a free online activity organizer that students can have access to.

Federal Resources For Educational Excellence
This website is aimed towards teachers with a wide variety of pictures, videos, and suplamentary materials to assist with lesson creation and implementaion.

Fraction to Decimal Converter
This is just what is says it is, an online fraction to decimal converter. What I thought was extreamely useful about this particular converter is that it not only converts the value but it also shows the process and all work involved in the conversion.

GeoGebra is a FREE program that is like Geometer's Sketchpad.

Lesson Planet
This website has has thousands of teacher reviewed lesson plans that can be modified to fit a classroom or used for insparation in your own lesson plans.

Math is fun
This web resource has many different utilities and ideas relating to mathematics. Some of the main categories that are presented are geometry, algebra, data, measurments, and games. The geometry section is spacaifically helpful because it contains interactive shapes that list angle measurements and side legnths.

This is a great website that has instructional videos for teachers and educational videos for students on a wide variety of mathmatical topics.

NYSED Mathematics Standards
This is a link to the New York State Education Department's Mathematics Standards revised 2005.

Online Graphing Calculator
This is an graphing calculator that I thought was well created. It can graph a variety of equations, create a table of values

Coopers Beach Live Cam
Check the waves...

Ocean Waves
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Bio || Resume || Lesson Plans || Resources || Teaching Philosophy || Home

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