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SUNY Plattsburgh

Luke Roderka Hurdles Middlebury College

Here at SUNY Plattsburgh, I've came to further my studies in Finance and Economics. While in high school I became infatuated with the business culture and the abilities to make a profit thanks to the Academy of Finance. It started with reselling sneaker, this is where I first learned to converse with a potential customer and Learned quickly what I needed to do to make a sale. From there I enjoyed understanding the markets and potential values of a product which lead me to study Finance and Economics. It wasn't until I came to school that I added a minor in Management Information Systems which come from another love and passion for technology. The ability to compete on collegiate sports was another reason I came to SUNY Plattsburgh, It was never my intention to come here at first but once I came and talked to the coach it definitely added to the college experience.

Principles of Finance
-An introduction to financial concepts and methods used in contemporary corporate financial decision making.
Money and Banking
-An overview of the evolution of monetary institutions, including the Federal Reserve system, the commercial banking structure and financial intermediaries
Bus App and Info Systems
-This course provided an understanding of information systems terminology, and put special emphasis on MS Office and its involvement in business.

About Me

I was born and raised in Northport, New York. Attended Northport Highschool where I graduated from in 2015. After highschool, I attended SUNY Plattsburgh where Im a student athlete and major in Finance and Economics and minor in Management Information Systems and Computer Science. At SUNY Plattsburgh Im on the Track and Field team where Im a hurdler.

Call or Text me at:631-332-1310

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