Lenéya Payton

Seeking A Career In Multimedia Journalism

I chose this major because I love to write and I feel I have the drive to become a journalist in the field. I chose Journalism: Multimedia because I want to expand in the field. I was at one point thinking about what I wanted to do in the field but I've decided that I want to do something with film and cameras.

My Experience

I have a little experience when it comes to film and camera. Around last I helped create a short film called "Undocumented and Unafraid". I was one of the people to record and take pictures to put in the film.

I am passionate when it comes to the work I do, whether it's something big or small. I always make sure that the end product comes out the way it should. I feel I can be a great choice for the company I apply for. I hope I can gain the right amount of skills to be successful in life.

"Contact me:
Email: lpayt001@plattsburgh.edu
Phone: (646) 924-8818"

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