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Lesson Title: Money Review

Performance indicator:

4.M.8 Make change, using combined coins and dollar amounts.

Teaching time:

Approximately 35 minutes

Target Group:

3rd-5th grade 12-1-1 classroom.

Lesson Objective:

When given a question dealing with the amount of change a person would receive after buying something with a given amount of money the students will determine the correct amount of change the person will receive after buying a particular item.

Students will be able to verbally state the value of a penny, nickel, dime, and a quarter with 95% accuracy.

Students will also be able to verbally state the number of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters it takes to make a dollar with 90% accuracy.

Anticipatory Set (Review and Focus):

Ask the students if they have ever gone to the store with their parents to buy something.

Materials needed:

•Pencils with erasers

•Fake money

•Real money

•Guided practice worksheet

•Independent practice worksheet

•Student evaluation worksheet

Guided Practice:

1. Review with the students the value of each coin. (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)

2. Ask the students how many quarters, dimes, and nickels are needed to make a dollar.

3. Ask the students if they’ve ever bought something from a store.

4. Tell the students today they will be practicing how to buy things and how get the correct change back.

5. Give each student their fake money. Each student should be given 10 dollars.

6. Tell the students they are going to practice buying things.

7. Act as the cashier and have each student buy something from you from the pile of items to buy. After you have practiced with each student twice have the students work together switching roles of cashier and buy.

Independent Practice:

The students will practice “buying” items from each other and work on giving back the right change.

Evaluation: The students will be given a worksheet to work on back at their own desk.

Instructional Modifications: Instead of working with the whole class I will work with small groups.


What did we learn today?

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