Home || About Me || Resume || Philosophy || Lesson Plans || Presentations || Educational Background || Resources with mulltiple resources for a variaty of different earth science topics. This database also has resources for other science subjects as well including chemistry, biology, and physics. This website has an archive of simulations in all areas of science. Some great referances for earth science include a sun, earth, and moon motions and satellite images of earth. This website includes quick GIF images of phenomona for students to look at. Some of which are interactive with breif discriptions of the phenomonas. This video is a great resource for breaking down concepts that may prove difficult in the classroom. This particular link does a swell job of explaing the law of super position in earth science.

This is a video by Mark Rober scaling the solar system accurately all the way to plaent nine using a drone! His channel has tons of cool videos about science topics. This website has great classroom resources for multiple different topics in earth science. These resources work with STEM giving you the edge on the new science standards.

This video relates real life to the popular game minecraft featureing the youtube channel CodysLab. He explores a real mine in this viedo taking down data as he explores the mine. is a channel of science and engineering videos featuring experiments, expert interviews, cool demos, and discussions with the public about everything science. - This webiste gives climate effects of global warming on a real world map. It breaks the catigories down into people, freshwater, ocean, ecosystem, and tempeature infomation around the world. This is a sofware based interface that allows you to look at the night sky in real time and interact with stars, planets and more. the software has tons of really cool features including real time data dependent on what you are working on. - Interactive website full of great information regarding our very own solar system!! Tons of fun facts and even a few fun games to go with it.


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