Computer Skills

− Can Navigate Microsoft Office programs such as: Powerpoint,Word, and Excel.
− Have taken classes that furthered my knowledge in Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop.

Additional Skills

− Italian as a second language. I took Italian as a foreign language class for 6 years; one of the years being a college credit course. I can have full conversations and understand the language fully.
− Writing and poetry. I write stories and poetry as a hobby. This has helped be able to express my thoughts correctly and has given my writing a good flow.
− I have soccer coaching experience and soccer reffing experience. This has helped me to develop good demonstration and problem solving skills. This has given me the ability to work accurately in a team setting.
− I have taken many Journalism classes resulting in good deadline orientation and sense of AP style writing.
− Working two jobs at once has created beneficial time management skills for me. While working various shifts I have had to create a proper schedule to get everything I need to get done completed.


− I played soccer as a sport for 12 years on a competitive travel team. I still like playing pickup soccer and watching major games on television. The sport has taught me a lot about teamwork, hard work, and determination.
− Going to concerts and getting insight on the whole show. I'm hoping to one day be able to write stories on the concerts I attend. I have already been to various festivals including Governor's Ball in New York City and Vans Warped Tour on Long Island.
− I love to travel to different places. When I am making stable money after college I would love to travel cross-country and interview different people from every state and learn about how they live. My last semester as a SUNY Plattsburgh student I will be
doing the exchange program and attending my last college semester in Hawaii.
− I love fishing. My family has had a boat my whole life. As I got older, my father taught me how to fish and now we go fishing every summer.

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