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Hello my name is Justin Seymour and I am on my last semester before I become a senior at SUNY Plattsburgh.
I am currently studying to get my bachelors in physics and my masters in education while at the same time being a physics lab teaching assistant. How ever my original dream job was to become a video game designer.
In my free time I enjoy playing video games, watching anime, listening to rock and heavy metal music, and lastly learning all the new information that I can in the world of physics.

During the summer when I'm not working or preparing for the next semester I can usually be found playing some sort of game RPG other wise known as role playing games or action/adventure games that require over a hundred hours of gameplay to beat. These are the types of games that I tend to play the most like Final Fantasy or Persona. I love this category of games because there is almost always more than one ending to the game giving a lot to replay value as well as the in depth stories that allow you to build emotional attachments to your favorite characters. In addition to being able to experience such in depth created worlds that with modern technology almost look better than the real world we live in.

My favorite video game series of all time is Final Fantasy and my favorite video game is Final Fantasy 7. I've beaten the game at least six times now. I recommend other people play these types of games or at least give them a try because they give you the chance to explore other worlds as well as getting to watch your characters build relationships making you feel like you are the character in the game. Assassins Creed, any Final Fantasy game, Dishonored, and Pokémon are just a small part of the huge part of the gaming world that I recommend to anyone who wants to pick up a game where you can immerse yourself in the rich and beautiful worlds of these games and experience games where the decisions you make change how the games story plays out.

I grew up in the country and I absolutely hated it so that might be the reason why I despise country music and began listening to hard rock and heavy metal music. I use to always get the comment of your listening to your music to loud or how can you stand that scary music you listen to but I always ignore these kind of comments because I use my music as a why to delve into my own thoughts while blocking out the outside world to make it easier to think more clearly as well as a way to relax. I find that I have a much easier time in a classroom or during a quiz/test when there is music playing. Some of my favorite bands are Disturbed, Chevelle, Killswitch Engage, and Breaking Benjamin.

I originally wanted to be a video game designer when I was growing up because I used video games and my music to make my childhood easier but I can't draw very well unless I'm basing my drawing off an already done image. However during middle and high school I was always really good at science classes. Since I usually finished the work early and got great grades I got asked pretty often to help other students who were struggling and I always loved the experience of getting to help someone tackle a problem till they get the answer. Ever since those moments where I got to see the gears in motion as a student works their way towards the solution along with their expressions as they struggle and eventually achieve their goals is something that I consider priceless and is what helped me decide that I want to become a teacher.

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