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State University at Plattsburgh

The Magazine Journalism major is more than just writing with deadlines. It entails learning multiple different types of software, extensive grammar, AP Style, HTML coding, Audio and Video, the history of Journalism and how it came to be, etc. My major in Magazine Journalism has prepared me for becoming a staff writer as I have worked with non-stop, strict deadlines whether it be for articles or for classwork in general. I have been given the skills I need to not only be suffiecient in this field but, to excel. SUNY Plattsburgh Homepage


Listed below are a few classes I am enrolled currently or have previously been enrolled in in that are helping me reach my goal:

News Writting
In this course I am exposed to News Paper style writing and am asked to complete a new story every three weeks that are off-campus.This gives me real world expereince and is more realistic as all of the stories must contain non-student sources
Grammar and Sentence Writing
In this course, I was taught proper sentence structure, proper use of grammar and vocabulary words that gave me a much more advanced knowledge of grammar in order to improve my stories in the years to come.
Magazine Writing
In this course, I learned about the inner workings of a magazine, the structure, different types of ledes, heads and decks, sidebars, etc and also had to produce a feature story as well as create my own magazine and present it to the class.
Basic Audio and Video Production
In this course, I learned how to opperate cameras and other various recording devices as well as gain knowledge on software such as SONY Movie Maker, Audacity and ADOBE Photoshop.

Arlington High School

My time at Arlington High School set me up for college and gave me the building blocks I needed in order to pursue Journalism. It is where I took my first Creative Writing class which only intensified my love for writing. It is where I was taught basic grammar and english and developed not only technical skills but, social skills as well, all of which aide me in the journalism field.


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