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Point Blank work

CHAZY – Clad in the colors that represent their classes, Chacy Central Rural School students duked it out at this year's Winter Weekend to win bragging rights. The annual three-day event, hosted... View full story and video here.

MORRISONVILLE – A small group in the North Country keeps a centuries-old English tradition alive, dancing away Friday nights. As Wendy Gilchrist directed an intricate dance at a recent session, Bruce Kokernot talked... View the full story and video here.

Point Blank People's Forum assignment

Other Writing

Ukulele magazine sample view

Ukulise profile in Ukulele Magazine Winter 2017


Clinton Commons logo

Winning design for the Clinton Commons logo at SUNY Plattsburgh


Video profile on the SUNY Plattsburgh Uke-a-Dooks made for an Audio/Video production class that I later TA'ed for