Jacob Elsbree


SUNY Plattsburgh

SUNY Plattsburgh was my dream school from the start. I was attracted to the intense and comprhensive journalism program that the school is known for. Plattsburgh is the only SUNY school that offers a specific magazine major of journalism, which made me even more confident in my decision. A beautiful campus located in a culturally-rich downtown always provide something to do in your downtime. The small classes, excelent professors and challenging courses have made me excited to start my career.

Grammar and Sentence Writing
One of the first college classes that I took was Grammar and Sentence Writing, and it has proved to be one of the most important. This class has taught me to have confidence and competence in my AP-style writing, as well as being critical of my own work. In the journalism major, where every class involves writing, the grammar class has made a noticalbe impact on my work.
Grammar Guru
After taking Grammar and Sentence Writing I was invited by the instructor to be a grammar guru. My duties included having semiweekly sessions with the students to go over course work. As a guru, I was responsible for the students files including their grades, attendence and participation in required fields. Being a grammar guru has tought me how to work with other people, and it has increased my confidence in grammar through teaching it.
Coaching Oral & Written Skills
This class was taken after Speaking and Writing for professionals as an elective. This class focused on formal speaking engagements and delivery when reading from manuscript. I was able to sharpen my speech writing skills and the formation of my arguments through this intense class with weekly speeches. In this small class, I worked one-on-one with many of the students in order to improve our skills. In doing so, we learned how to work with each other while having a blast.

Tioga Central High School

In Tioga, my graduating class had 64 students, which I graduated fifth in the class. Because the school was so small and the resources were so limited everyone in the class of 2016 knew each other and were close. While in highschool I was able to complete most of my general education requirements, 31 credits to be exact. I earned these credits by taking advantage of the duel enrollment program through Tompkins Courtland Community College. This gave me a headstart on my college education.

Employment history

Adirondack Life Internship

As an intern for Adirondack Life magazine I had the opprotunity to assist in the publication of a collection of stories from past issues of the magazine. It was my job to type and do some light copyediting all of the entries, hunt down original photographs and photographers and some organization. Through this experience I learned basic InDesign skills and was able to work very closely with the magazine's editorial board.

Press Repubican Point Blank Internship

Working with the Press-Republican, a daily hometown newspaper serving Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties, I was one-third of a team that was responsible for shooting and editing videos for the publication's website. Along with video we wrote stories and took pictures for the weekly assignments.

Tops Friendly Markets

Although Tops was not the most glamorous job, I committed myself to working the summer between semesters. I was a part of a two-person ngiht crew. We were responsible for putting freight on shelves, lining and leveling what was on the shelves, organizing the back room and inventory. My time there was short, but I am glad I was able to go through the experience of having to do hard night-shift work.

College Activities

Staff writer for DoNorth Magazine
Part of the small, All-American rated, student-run travel magazine DoNorth, which works in conjunction with Clinton County tourism to attract travelers to the area. It serves as the in-flight magazine for PenAir and as the tourism guide for Clinton County.
President of SUNY Plattsburgh Uke a dooks
On-campus club welcoming people who have been playing for three years and who have been playing for three minutes. We get together to play, to have fun and occasionally to perform. After being treasurer for a semester I was asked to be President, for the 2018 year. As president I am in charge of planning and organizing all things related to the club.
Teaching assistant for Audio/Video Prodcution
While being a teaching assistant for JOU240 Audio Video Production I was able to improve my skills with audio recorders and video cameras as well as with the editing software. I assisted students with all aspects of their projects, from collecting and recording audio and video, to editing. I learned how to be patient by explaining what, to me is an easy concept, but is a whole new world for someone new.

Volunteerism and Community Service

Tioga Chapter of the National Honor Society

As a member, I worked with a group of 15 high school juniors and seniors. As an organization we put on school and community events, our most successful was a dodgeball competition in the high school which was open to the public, and the proceeds were donated to a local charity. Other chapter activities included Adopt-a-Highway, campus clean up and working the annual Tioga Central School District Share-a-Thon.