Jacob Elsbree

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Ukulele Magazine

Tioga Central School District yearbook — The Tiogan


Able to edit audio for any use through this software
Sony Movie Studio
Able to edit video clips to make feature videos, slideshows and more.
Understanding of HTML5 and CSS coding to produce a website.
Confident and competent understanding of English grammar
One of the most important classes that I have taken in SUNY Plattsburgh is Grammar and Sentence Writing. The objective of this class was not only to create an understanding of grammar, but to make students confdent and competent in their understanding of grammar. As a student and later TA for this class, I am both. This helps my writing by making it as strong as it can be.
Can work with others
Through being a teaching assistant and a grammar guru, I have learned how to work with people. Along with these experiences, I have also learned patience. Grammar, for example, is not an easy thing to learn when it has always been corrected, but I have learned how to teach the difficult subject and handle other people with care.


Best in show in the 2016 Tioga Central Art Show (Tioga Center, New York)
In my senior year of highschool at Tioga Central High school, I entered in the annual art show. I competed in the mixed media, ceramics and typography categories. My mixed media piece featuring a realistic drawing of Catwoman won first place.
Won the Clinton Commons Logo competition
Clinton Commons in SUNY Plattsburgh held a competition amoung the five suite buildings to design the new logo. I entered and won in the spring of 2017. The design is coupled with Clinton Commons and has been featured on t-shirts.