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Director of Public Relations of Plattsburgh's Association of Black Journalists
How Do You See Race Event Flier
Kinks Collab
PABJ is an organization that I am a part of here on SUNY Plattsburgh's campus. I operate as the Director of PR. Some of my responsibilities include: Creating fliers, brainstorming event ideas, implementing biweekly discussions, and most importantly, serving as the glue between the SUNY Plattsburgh community and the club. If you want to get a better sense of PABJ and our mission, feel free to visit our website! Plattsburghabj.blogspot.com
For The Love of A Poet, blog for Introduction to Poetry
During spring semester of my Freshman year, I was able to take a Poetry course with amazing professor and author, Elizabeth Cohen. In this class, I channeled the creative side of my writing through producing several poems and also deciphering some classics. If you want to get insight to my mind, check out the blog I worked on throughout Introduction to Poetry! For The Love of a Poet.
(Mock Event) Reflections of Black History: An Art Exhibit
In my event planning class, I was able to create an idea from scratch, blueprint it and present to the class how I would implement the event if it were to take place. If you want to see the awesome Prezi I made and a written summary go ahead and check it out!