Happy Jainaba Darboe
Jainaba Darboe

Underdog Advocate; Aspiring Writer & Traveler

Positivity, persistence and passion are what I want to represent now and for the rest of my life. Throughout high school, I was known as a jumping jellybean, always looking for an activity to do, a club to join or an event to plan. As high school came to a close, I believed so did my opportunity to put my creativity into everything I did. Little did I know, I could still enjoy all these things in a field of study.

I came into SUNY Plattsburgh wishing to pursue a degree in psychology. Though I still wish to go on to a master’s program, being that psychology has my heart, I discovered Public Relations, which I feel has my future in its hands. I learned that the field goes beyond making fliers and planning events. Public Relations is about efficient communication, innovation, patience, and building mutually beneficial relationships, four qualities which I developed by taking opportunities when they came knocking on my door.

For starters, being an athlete on a high school volleyball team, taught me communication is the determining factor of success or stagnation. I don’t believe in failure: I either win or I learn. Secondly, I developed the art of patience through working at a women’s retail store as well as being a reading and writing tutor to the lower class in my high school. Alongside that, I learned innovation by being on the leadership team as well as a contributing photographer and editor on the yearbook committee. Lastly, being a part of Publicolor a non-profit organization for five years, taught me community and the significance of building relationships.

I progressed in my writing by taking courses varying on a spectrum from poetry to experimental design. These courses taught me that writing could be an art or a science. There is fluidity in writing, which is why I have so much passion for it.

Throughout the years, I am thankful to have developed several skill sets on an interpersonal level. Therefore, I have grown interested in any position that contains intricate minds working together to reach a goal; I also enjoy working independently. Furthermore, I am viewing college and any position I am granted as a chance to build my hands on experiences with the vast growing technology, social media bases and field of public relations.