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Great resources to become a great scientist!

Science News -A great website to find new and interesting updates in the scientific community. Great for Op Ed pieces and responses on how science is advancing!

PLOS Biology - Looking for scholarly scientific articles that are peer reviewed? This is the place to go!

Photosynthesis - Crash Course gives a great rundown of Photosynthesis that is easy and fun to understand.

DNA Replication - DNA Replication can be tricky, use this PowerPoint in conjunction with the class lectures/notes to keep your memory fresh!

The Cell Cycle - Animations are perfect for visualizing the cell cycle. Watch the video, interact, and make sure to take the recap quiz to check your understanding!

Biochemistry Cliffnotes - Biochemistry is an area that all student struggle with at one time or another. Cliffnotes provides an easy breakdown of this sometimes complicated topic.

Punnet Squares Tutorial - Are you struggling with Punnet Squares? Check this Youtube tutorial for another perspective.

zeroBio: Fun Game for Learning - Got some free time and a little fuzzy on class material? zeroBio has a bunch of cool and interesting games to help you learn some key topics for class.

Mouse Party: Interactive Game about Drugs - The University of Utah created a hilarious, but still educational, software to show how different psychoactive drugs affect the brain.

Evolution Nova Lab - Nova Lab allows you to learn how cladograms are developed and understand the relationships between various life forms. Create a free account and give it a go, it is super fun!

Phylogeny Index - Click here to find instructions for the Nova Lab activity as well as a list of key terms you may see during our evolution unit!

Minion Cladogram Worksheet - Use this activity to see how well you know how to read shared derived characteristics. Use the Illustrator Program to design a cladogram. Ask me in class for the answer key!

Minion Cladogram Illustrator Program - Use this with the Minion Woksheet. See if you can fill in the blanks and create the right cladogram. Ask me class for the answer key!




Home || About Me || Educational Background || Resume || Lesson Plans || Philosophy || Presentations || Resources

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