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I have always loved clothes, but also always knew that I wasn’t interested in designing them myself. I have many memories of flipping through the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and other fashion magazines, spending several minutes looking at a single page — mesmerized by every detail of the image. My innate love and appreciation for fashion photography sparked an interest in fashion writing. As I grew older I stopped looking at only the ad-campaigns in my mom’s Vogue issues, but started reading the articles as well.

Immediately I knew that I wanted a career in the fashion industry; either writing about it, photographing it or representing one of my favorite fashion houses. When I was still a sophomore in high school, I decided that there was never a time too early to start pursuing my dream, so I started an Instagram account. At first it was nothing special — some amateur snapshots of my new pair of shoes or a shirt laid out on my bed. However, as time went on, my knowledge of how to do social media right grew and grew, and so did my follower count.

Using my Instagram as a tool, I was able to further my skills in photography, networking, writing and even PR. I have been sent several items from companies such as Daniel Wellington, Happy Socks and Coco White to promote on my personal account. One of the reasons that my Instagram became so successful is because I pay extremely close attention to who my demographic is and know exactly what they want to see and read.

My ability to closely observe what it is that a specific group of people wants is unique because I go beyond just that; I also deliver that content to my audience. I am confident that whether I be a writer and photographer for a fashion magazine or a representative for one of my favorite fashion houses, I will be able to better the company in many ways and bring new and exciting ideas to the table.

My History

I was born and raised in Plattsburgh, a small town in upstate New York. After beginning my college career at Stony Brook University, I returned home to finish my education at SUNY Plattsburgh. I love the quaintness of Plattsburgh, but I often visit Montreal (which is just a short drive away) due to my true craving for an urban atmosphere. When I finish school, I hope to start my career in Manhattan or LA.

Julian Breyette


To work in the fashion industry; either in advertising, photography or writing.

I have always loved fashion and aesthetics. I'm continually focused on how things look -- the power of appearances is mind-boggling. My obsession with visual satisfaction led me to become passionate about photography, fashion, and of course, the words to tie it all together.

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