Software Developer

I am a student studying both multimedia journalism and computer science. I am doing a double major because these are two of my most passionate studies but are also very distinct. I believe that even though these are two different things that each of them help me with the other one. The structure of computer science helps me view a more technical side that helps with the development of journalism. The people-centric side of journalism will help me a lot in designing programs and having a people skills in the work space.

I am looking for work that will deepen my skills in any of these two areas. In journalism, I would like to work more with people and different interfaces. Assisting in projects that require lots of data to be recorded and creatively using different mediums is immensely interesting.

In computer science, I have some experience in the tech department. Although I find that I am very good at it I also hope to gain some experience in the more innovative side of things. Whether it would be security or development all the exposure I can get the better.

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