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New York State Education Department
This website provides information on licensing, curriculum, state standards, and education laws and regulations. It is an excellent resource for teachers, administrators, parents, and community members.

This website provides helpful information on the common core standards, engaging students, how to be an effective teacher and leader, and important classroom resources. It also is a great resources for parents and the community in addition to teachers and administrators.

Universal Design for Learning
This website is dedicated to Universal Design for Learning. It helps teachers and administrators plan instruction and curriculum to meet the needs of all students. It goes away from the common "one size fits all" approach to instruction. It provides resources on differentiating instruction and planning lessons for diverse learners.

New York State Response to Intervention
This website provides helpful information about Response to Intervention. It discusses the regulations and the three tier system. In addition, it provides a guidance document, resources for parents, and information on professional development.

Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills
This website provides information on what 21st century skills are, how to incorporate them in instruction, and how to assess students for mastery of these skills. It provides resources, media, and ways to get involved.

This website lets you make your own WebQuest! A WebQuest is a lesson/activity online. It gives students tasks to complete using the computer and the internet. It is a great way to differentiate instruction and provide practice using the computer and the internet. It is very easy to use and it is free!

Virtual Field Trips- Geology
This website has a list of virtual field trips for the field of geology. Virtual field trips allows teachers and students to travel to different sites including museums, national parks, monuments, and more without spending money! It makes the impossible cross country or across the world trips possible! This is another great way to differentiate instruction and provide instruction that meets to the needs of diverse learners.

The Teaching Channel
This website has videos of teachers teaching and being interviewed. It shows different instructional strategies, differentiated instruction, lesson planning techniques, curriculum ideas, and content videos. It is a great resource to get new ideas from and to learn from.

The website contains videos of teachers teaching! It is a great resource to see different instructional strategies in action or to see part of your favorite content taught. It helps teachers share new ideas with each other to help students learn.

Online Textbook
This is an online New York State (NYS) Earth Science Regents Textbook. It goes through the NYS Earth Science curriculum, provides practice regents problems, and laboratory activities. It is a great resource for inside and outside the classroom.

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