Class Videos:

In a video and producation class, I created a profile on Babajide Adeleke. He is a SUNY Plattsburgh senior and also serves as a dormitory resident assistant. I chose to focus on Adeleke, a New York native, because he spent seven years growing up in Nigeria.

In the same class, I created a journalistic video taking a look inside SUNY Plattsburgh's Cardinal PR. Cardinal PR is a student-run public relations agency.

Sample Articles:

Trouble For Drive-thrus

"WILLIAMSVILLE - There will be no more new restaurant drive-thrus on Main Street, if a proposed zoning amendment is approved. This is a part of the village of Williamsville's new initiative to create a more open, walkable community for families, friends, and visitors..."

Late Goal Helps Push Cardinals Past Thoroughbreds

"PLATTSBUGRH - The SUNY Plattsburgh men's soccer team finished Saturday's game with a nail-biting 2-1 victory over non-conference rival Skidmore College. The win was more than just another notch on the victory column, as junior defenseman Nick Economou said..."

Sample PowerPoint:

program proposal

In my Campaign and Planning class, our client was the Town of Plattsburgh. We worked closely with Town Supervisor, Michael Cashman, to develop a social media strategy for the Town. This PowerPoint is an example of a proposal I put together for our client.

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